Serving Anna, IL

Sunrise Preschool & Child Care - Child Center | Anna, IL

Sunrise is more than "Just Child Care"

Teddy Bear Grizzly Bear

The Facility Features Spacious Classrooms and a Large, Fenced Playground

Learning Made Easy Through Separate Classrooms for Each Age Group

You can admit your toddler, as young as 6 weeks old, to your 12-year-old kid at Sunrise Preschool & Child Care without worry. Every child goes into an age-appropriate classroom, which is arranged chronologically.


Interacting with other children at the same stage of developmental growth helps your child learn better. Your child will be provided with a varied learning environment, with many types of 'intra centers' for different learning and playing opportunities and experiences.

Every Classroom is Signified by a Type of Bear, Which are As Follows:

Gummy Bears: 6 weeks to 14 months

Honey Bears: 15 months to 23 months

Pooh Bears: 2 years and non-potty trained children

Teddy Bears: 3 year olds

Koala Bears: 4 year olds

Grizzly Bears: 5 year olds

Panda Bears: 6 to 8 year olds

Polar Bears: 9 to 12 year olds